give me more advise

You guys are great. I need to get more advise about how to get more biz. Everday i get a new customer because somebody sent them but its moving to slow. Im averaging 300 perday which isnt good. my barbecue food does better than our pizza. But ever1 loves our pizza and it is 1.50 cheaper. I even had the other pizza place in town ask me not to go any lower on the price.(he even likes our BBQ food. I need help Im sinking fast. I know u guys got some good advise . I went to the local businesses and gave them pies for free. I advertise in the local paper every week. We give samples of food to evey1 that comes in or a bounceback coupon.what can help me.Where do you get menus printed?


Okay, sounds like you’re in a bad way. Let’s see if we can get you some help. I’m going to ask you a few questions. I need you to be specific, precise, and forthright with your answers. Every question I ask is pizza-specific because I am a pizza guy 100%. I have absolutely zero restaurant experience as I’ve been in the PIZZA business since I was 18, and pizza is all i know… not restaurants. So, please answer the following in relation to your pizza business only:

  1. What kind of experience do you have? How many years in restaurant, how many in pizza?

  2. How would you grade your location? (A - best, B - so so, C - not so good)

  3. How’s your budget look? (how much do you honestly have to put towards advertising RIGHT NOW?)

  4. How many employees do you have?

  5. How are you doing your books? (POS software, by hand, not doing books).

  6. What’s on the menu (not everything, just the main menu items).

  7. What does the image of your place portray? Is it clean and crisp or dirty and dingy?

  8. Are you freestanding or strip center? Pole sign or no?

  9. What’s the population?

  10. What’s the median income?

  11. What are your prices?

  12. Who are your major employers in town?

  13. Who’s your competition? How many other pizza places are in town?

  14. What are the forms of advertising available to you in your town?

  15. Exactly what forms of advertising have you used?

  16. Do you deliver?

Get back to me. -J_r0kk

Here was my reply to someone else that was struggleing just to stay open. … 1790&t=363

It will absolutly increase your customer base and won’t cost nearly as much as you think.

6 months experience Im good at it had a partner who bailed on me after 3 months been here almost 7 months
Location -B
Budget- very low day to day
3 employees
do books by hand
eveything on menu pies,BBQ,hamburgers,even breakfast so I can try to keep up with bills
the inside is clean just a small takeout place, outside is ok but I have no windows to see in place
its a free standing building
over 20,000 homes in area
my price is 10.00 for pie BBQ dinners are 7.00 breakfast sandwich 2.00 free coffee
4 pizza places not 1 is within a mile radius
weekly paper
I advertise every week for the last 4 months
full color page bounceback coupons
yes i deliver i wasnt now i have to

The worst scenario of this is a guy is opening up across the street doing bbq also…and he used to be a customer…help

The worst scenario of this is a guy is opening up across the street doing bbq also…and he used to be a customer…help

Don’t worry about this dude. You’ll paste his BBQ ass. Okay, give me this:

10" Price

12" Price

14" Price

16" Price

10" addt’l toppings price

12" addt’l toppings price

14" addt’l toppings price

16" addt’l toppings price

Give me your coupon deals… the more info the better

Also, EXACTLY who is your competition. Give me a list

Also, the ONLY form of advertising in your town with over 20,000 homes is the paper? You sure about that?


my prices are 16"- 10.00

I make my 18"-9.99 free soda(2 liter)
2 18" pies for 16.99

my lg dinner -9.00 coupon 7.50
md dinner 7.00 5.50

Thanx alot I really do appreciate the advise, I have repeat customers but its just so spread out. There are 4 papers out here and I switch between two of them sometimes I use the front cover or second pg in the paper


Go to your local office supply store and get some business cards printed up, both sides. On one side valid for a free slice of pizza on the other side all your store info, both sides phone number. Personally give one to every one of your current customers and ask that they give it to a friend of theirs so that they can give you a try. Thank your current customers for helping to spread the word. A slice is the best way to simultaneously create trial and awareness. If they like it, you got them. Print up 1000 cards, always have them on you. Give them to everybody and find a couple of community aggregrators such as a gas station, bank, convenient store that will allow you to leave your cards on their counter. Make sure you have a stack of your menus next to them. FREE works. Again, if they like it they will remember & you have begun the climb to “top of mind”, but you have a long way to go. Figure out what one slice costs. Is it worth that $ and the price of printing the card to get a customer? Yes.