give me the finger???

looking for finger configuration for mm360s (new)

super thin cracker crust

16"pie @ 15 oz whole milk / 2% mozz blend

bottom cooking great,top over done

6 mins @ 500 deg

try more 2%, less whole milk… or try another type of preshredded 2% with drying agents mixed into it.

You s/have a 1/2 finger, then a blank, then another finger on the entrance…

on the exit side s/b 2 of the “special” drop-down fingers

not just the cheese is burning
even the pepperoni is burning

It might help if you would tell us what your current finger configuation is - both top and bottom. Then we can take it from there.

You purchased them new and they are not helping you set up your fingers? I would start by closing off one of the top fingers. If you dont have a blank to put in you can wrap it in tinfoil.