Givex - Anyone use them or have comments?

Looking into using them for gift cards and loyalty programs. My POS (Firefly) is limited in what it can do with loyalty rewards and I like how Givex can automate the process.

I don’t know the numbers yet but I know its an investment to get started so I wanted to see what everyone’s experience with them is or what they hear.


Hi- I deal with all the merchants all day selling gift cards etc. Givex is not bad at all, they are one of the easier merchants to deal with. Just be careful signing contracts when it comes to a merchant. Some of them won’t let you out source your card manufacturing and charge you an arm and a leg for cards. Givex will let you buy your cards where you want for a $25.00 fee. Let me know if you are interested in any other merchants. I know alot of them and I don’t get any kind of kick back or anything so I will be honest. Some of the merchants are just crooks!

Are you aware of any good merchants in western Canada?

We use Givex and we are really happy about it. The cost is more than what I expected, but I believe it is worth it. A bunch better than the old gift certificates we used to make ourselves. I actually think a customer was countfeiting our gift certificates and I called him out on it. No such worries with the giftcards. Givex is compatible with our POS ( Speedline). I like the fact that you can check the balance on the card and reload the cards. Just like a CC, you can manually enter the card number- which is great for delivery. Hope that helps.

Yes, the upfront costs are big. Are you just using the gift card program? I want to use the Loyalty and Frequent Buyer program as well. I will probably get up and running with the gift cards and then implement another program later.

Using my POS (Firefly) would require me to track and allocate rewards. I like how Givex would automate the whole process. Customers can go to my website to check balances and rewards.

If, like ketaggirl says, I can get cards made elsewhere and use them for just a $25 fee I will do that. I don’t have my price sheet with me but buying the cards through Givex is definitely expensive.

I also looked into Valuetec, which is a lot cheaper, but their product is not quite as polished or complete. I really like the way Givex can incorporate the whole system into my own website for customers to make their own inquiries or put more cash in.

I’m working on it right now. I will let you know what I find out.

We are just about to start a gift card program and with my POS (Revention) we have 3 choices Paymentech, Valuetec, and Givex. Valuetec seemed to offer the most for the money. Also that is all they do unlike Paymentech which we also use for credit cards. If you decide to switch vendors (on cc cards) you will not be able to transfer existing balances to the new vendor. That will cause major problems. Anyway I would appreciate any input on this matter.