giving koozies to your customers?

here is a site i found that makes koozies with your logo on it.
koozies make a great customer appreciation gift.

customers use them, they really do.

this company makes high quality koozies,
put your pizza logo on it and see the people showing there friends
your cool koozie.

its a great idea.

tell them you saw there ad on pmq

I can not say for sure whether Koozies make a good promotional product for pizza places because I have never sold them to a pizza place (But they do a good job for beer stores) …For pizza places I usually suggest stadium cups and/or magnetic memo boards before Koozies…But if you do decide to use them, please look around at prices and quality…Make sure you are getting “high density” foam…2nd the prices on the website referred to seem very high…Here is another source, although they do not sell direct so you will have to get them from your supplier of promotional products… Get a freight quote because Koozies aree light and builky so sometimes they ship by cube rather than weight…
Finally cost is no where near as important as return on your investment…A cheap product that is not used much is no value compared to a higher cost item that gets a lot more impressions…Spend $1.00 for a magnetic memo board that is on the fridge for years versus a $0.50 for another item that gets put in a drawer and not used and you see the $1.00 is the better value…

royster…you said you do not sell koozies to pizza places. do you sel promotional items? I have been looking for a good company that sells 22oz. stadium cups with our logo

I sell koozies but I never thought they were the best product for a pizza place so I suggest other itmes…For stadium cups, just follow the link in my signature…

Thanks for looking out for us royster. Your info is appreciated.