Glass partition help

I need help finding a site that sells glass partitions post. I have a 3ft high by 14 ft long wall topped with a 8in. wide piece of stained wood that seperates 3 sets of tables with 3 on each side of the wall. Right now if two groups of people are sitting on either side of the wall you might as well be sitting with each other. I would like to put a glass partition between the two tables. You would have maybe 3 post equal distance apart and the glass would fit between the post.

I need a company that sells the post, anyone know of one? I of course can get the glass from someone in town.

Thanks in advance for any help.

I’m guessing most professional restaurant supply houses would have the same thing, I’m looking at my current “ServU” catalog on pg. 73 and seeing a small selection of brass/glass partitions.

I would guesss that you would find them with pre cut rebates to drop the glass in from your big hardware stores. We have them available here inlittle old Australia. They come in sections so you can have them as posts, posts with base or total frame. Worth checking them out. If we have them more than likely it was because someone saw them in America :slight_smile: Our biggest hardware group is based on Home Depot (I think that’s what you call it) so you should find then there.


Try here. :slight_smile:

I just bought 3 posts and had a local glass company cut a patterned glass.