Gluten Free 14"

We are not selling a gluten free product and we are coaching our staff to say exactly that. We are only offering a pizza that is made with a gluten free crust. BIG difference.

There is no practical way to offer a gluten free product from a kitchen where there is flour inside the computers when we blow them out. I am also unwilling to clean the counter or use a different cutter each time one is ordered. With our dough station to the left of the makeline I am quite sure that flour dust gets in the cheese bin etc etc

We are NOT going after the customer that actually needs this product because we can not hope to reliably provide it due to the concerns Daddio outlined. This honestly is partly about the fad dieter and giving them what they want and partly about the few customers who, while not allergic, do experience discomfort from gluten.

When cooking the crusts, make sure to completely cover the top with sauce and cheese. Any exposed crust will blacken before the rest is done.
We advertize gluten free crust available as opposed to gluten free pizza. There is an Astrix referring to verbiage as Daddio has pointed out stating that there is likely cross contamination from the other flour.
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