gluten free crust

i have had a few people ask for gluten free crust, my suppliers have been giving me prices that are 4 to 5 times for for the flour or premade crusts. do other pizza shops charge more? and if so how much more?


I have found the gluten free to be almost double what the same manufacturer charges for fresh and ready crusts. The cost is about 5 times what it costs me to produce my own dough.

I pass on the cost of the gluten free crust to the customer with no mark up. I still make my margin on the rest of the toppings and the dough that is substituted out. There are quite a few customers that also order regular pizzas that same time. Several times I have gotten very large orders simply because I offer gluten free.

our sister restaurant sells a gluten free pizza dough, we have been asked many times by customers to carry it as well, here is my issue with it. all my pizzas are hand tossed, they get floured before they are tossed, so flour gets in the air in the kitchen, and since we use stone ovens, flour and the normal dough go directly on the stones. I don’t feel that I could sell something as “gluten free” in good conscience knowing that it goes on the same peels, and the same ovens as gluten pizzas. anyone else have these concerns?