Gluten Free Recipes Por Favor

Hello All,

I have been approached by several who asked me if I plan on offering a gluten free pizza option. Until recently, I didnt even know what the heck gluten was…needless to say, I’ d really appreciate any info, ideas, concerns, recipes, or other resources related to gluten free options in a pizzeria…As always, I greatly appreicate your responses (for the most part)…hahaha

Until you get a feel for the number of gluten-free pizzas that you will be selling on a daily basis, you might want to think about buying some ready made GF crusts. It sure beats making 20, selling 3 and potentially ending up tossing the rest out. Keep in mind that there are two different types of people that are interested in GF. Those with a gluten/wheat protein allergy, and those with a wheat gluten intolerance. Persons with a gluten allergy, probably shouldn’t be anyways near your store if you make and sell pizza on a wheat flour crust as exposure to even the slightest amount of flour could be potentially fatal. Those with an intolerance, such as Celiac Disease, typically only get a discomfort if exposed to excessive wheat flour/gluten. There are also persons with other, unrelated issues who feel the avoidence of wheat flour/gluten is beneficial to their well being. These are the two groups you will want to be selling to, and I would encourage you to develop signage indicating that your GF pizza is not intended for persons with an allergy to wheat flour/gluten as you also manufacture wheat flour based pizza products in the same facility. Your greatest challange will be to eliminate the possibility of cross contamination. If you make your own GF dough, you will need to THOROUGHLY wash EVERYTHING that will come into contact with the GF dough, then take precautions to avoid flour dust from clothing, aprons, etc. from contaminating the GF pizza. I’d even go so far as to put a notice into the box of every GF pizza that it is made in a facility which also makes wheat flour based pizzas (you will see a similar cautionary warning on the label of many snack items). Lastly, share your intent with your insurance agent, I’ve been getting reports lately that smoe insurers are reluctant to cover you if you go into GF pizzas without a special policy. Exercise due caution to protect both yourself, and your customers. Check the RECIPE BANK or contact me directly at to obtain a copy of our gluten-free pizza crust formula.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

There is a market for it but you are just asking for problems by doing it. There is a reason that there is a warning on peanut butter “warning: contains peanuts”, law suits. Just check the labels on anything you buy, even if it doesnt contain a product that is an allegen but it is made in a facility where they make a product that is a known allergen it gets a warning label.

Just like soy allergies- you might not put soy sauce on a pizza, but if you put BBQ sauce or any dressing on it, it probably has soy in it.

Getting into allergy free pizza when there is wheat flour on your make line is a bad idea.

Yup…I own pizzerias with a 7yo kid that is allergic to mostly everything. Now, my wife is highly educated in the areas of food allergies and I REFUSE to offer a gluten free or anything free pizza. CROSS CONTAMINATION. Pizza fusion may say that they offer one and that’s great…BUT ALL THAT IT TAKES IS ONE SMALL MISTAKE AND YOU CAN SEND A KID INTO SHOCK…RESTRICT HIS AIRWAY AND THEN HE DIES.

I have a sample of a pre-packaged mix here from Domata Living Flour for which I have yet to try…BUT My Son cannot eat it since it does have soy.

There’s a lot to understand from a food allergy perspective…even something as simple as using Safflower Oil instead of Vegetable oil…or the difference between Modified Food Starch and Modified Corn Starch.

Look, you can buy a premade shell and then place it in a deck oven covered with wheat flour…or how about a conveyor oven that blows around all of the wheat flower from other pizzas.

Can you afford the chance.

I own and operate a gluten free pizza par baked frozen and use a different oven to cook it in with no cross contimation whatsoever I also make and sell gluten free take and bake pizzas and sell to healyh food stores and other pizzerias wholesale ,I test for cross contimation with every batc and I am at 20 ppm well under the standard, thi is increasing my bisuness 305 and helping me increase business when a person decides what to eat a night and they know threy can get a gluten free pizza your always pick up all the other peoples orders as well, if interesed on purchasing my shells at a whole sale price feel free to contact me at 315-733-nypd