gluton free pizzas

Hi. I have been recently asked by a few customers if we have ever thought of doing a gluton free pizza dough. Could someone help me with this? Is there a specific flour that would be needed? Would you mix it the same way? Is it worth actually thinking about? Thanks…

To go gluten free you have to have an area clean of flour contamination as well as screens, utensils etc. I guess the guidelines / laws would be the same there as here in Australia.

The other option is to buy ready made bases (frozen) that a individually packed and you jusy take them out as you need them. Saves a lot of hassle about the cross contamination issues. All you need is specic bases for the gluten free. Still you have to be very carefull with anything gluten free as some of your products, especially prepared meats, sauces etc can contain gluten traces.

Over here a 12" bases costs $3.50 each. Add that to your pizza price plus a profit component on top of the pizza price and it starts getting expensive. If we could find a cheaper price we would go with it but not at this price, even though it is claimed people will pay the extra just so they can have pizza again, but I’m not so sure.

Check it out with your local authorities before going ahead with it.


There are a number of suppliers of gluten-free crusts as well as suppliers of dry mix to make your own gluten-free crust. Keep in mind that for the most part, gluten-free crusts are made from a batter rather than a dough. To get more information on gluten-free, you might contact Domata Living Flour at <> or you can Google “Gluten-free” or “Celiac” and be treated to a host of sites. Do keep in mind that there are two main reasons for wanting gluten-free. 1) You are sensitive to gluten/gluten-intolerant. You can tolerate small amounts of gluten (highly variable among individuals with the intolerance/Celiac Disease). 2) You are allergic to gluten. This is a whole different story, because this can be a life threatening situation brought about by the most minute amount of exposure to gluten/wheat flour. Singe your store already processes crusts made with wheat flour, there is essentially a 100% chance for cross contamination with flour dust (in the air, on the tools, in your sauce and toppings, as well as on clothing). So do be sure to develop a disclaimer for these crusts, and while you’re at it, discuss it with your insurance agent.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor