GM Pay

Anyone know what the big three are paying general managers these days. Also, what other benefits are they offering

40-50k and a Rolex watch here and there if you have good sales

I’d guess the 45+ range. I was offered $34,000 to run a single unit WAY back in 1978 so I’d surely hope it’s north of there by now.

Depends on lot on volume. I would expext a million dollar store to pay more like 70-80K

My manager came from a 1.2 million dollar a year domimos and he made 50k

“My manager came from a 1.2 million dollar a year domimos and he made 50k”

Company store or franchise? Including bonus or not?

Managers of high volume Dominos company stores were making 50K in the late 70s (when I was with the company)

The current GM of the Campus Franchise store in Boulder CO makes $31,000 base plus 20% bonus of profits. The store is doing $30k a week during peak and $18k during summer. About 1.5M He makes about $50k when all said and done.

Even though that sounds like what they paid back in the day it is their current too. Minimum wage keeps going up but that means nothing to the upper employees who stay the same.

My top GM is paid $650 week and works 47 hours a week roughly. I dont pay any bonus right now but do give them a gas card and health insurance.

11% of sales is a good goal to shoot for.

Damn - I’m going to come work for you!

How about a assistant manager

He was a domimos GM. 50k inculding bonuses

Franchised store

I went through Dominos manager training in 1979 in company stores. The pay was very similar to what 314 describes: salary + 20% of the profit. The two top volume stores in the area (remember this is 1979!) were paying bonuses of about 2K per month and the base salary was $500 per week.

At 30K per week it seems odd to me that profit would only be 100K per year though. I would expect profit on that volume to twice that much at least. I guess more of the weeks are in the 18 range?..

They take all the bills out first…they just relocated the store and such so 20% of profits never meant much while I worked for same owner from 87-94. I did get a $2k bonus one month but I also worked 2 OC’s a week and no days off for 37 days in a row for $400 weekly salary.

“They take all the bills out first”

Duh… Dale, give me a little credit please.

Might not be just you reading this post :stuck_out_tongue: and what I meant by that was related to the moving expenses and new equipment.

And they do 30k weeks about 40 weeks a year.

…people just dont make money like they should.

I don’t think it is fair to take the moving expenses first! In any case… I agree, full charge managers of stores doing that kind of sales should be making more than 50K. The big three price wars are cutting their own throats.

I was a gm 200 store chain in new england we started ast managers around 30k a year when promoted to manager they got a small raise and were elgiable for a 5000 dollar max bonus and gm made around 42 -46 plus a max bonus of 25k that was a few years back but I am sure it has not changed much and store sales were not a deciding factor bonus was paid for year over year growth there were folks runing 1.3 million dollar stores making less then the guy running the 650k store sad but true but I really enjoyed my job there

I was a GM at a Dominos in the early 90’s and I was getting paid $6.50 per hour(around $15000 per year). No bonuses, insurance, or any other incentives. This is a franchise and the owner is a douche bag that can bairly make a pizza by himself. He’s currently one of my competitors. Needless to say all the drivers were making more than I was. I left there and went to work for a Pizza Hut and made $500 per week to start($26000 per year) maybe $1500 a year in bonuses and no insurance. Also a franchise. Topped out at $650 per week and only because I moved to one of there locations in the SF bay area that had an extremely high cost of living. Both stores were in the $750,000 to million dollar range.