Go and vote today!

Today is the day to vote!

If you don’t vote, you can’t complain!


I agree… get off your butts today and lets CHANGE things. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! :!:

Done before starting work, as I have every election for last 25 years or so, although had I not made it to the polls I would still maintain my rights under the first amendment to say how screwed up our government is.

Change what?? The election result will not create new jobs, nor reduce our outrageous deficit.

Wasn’t there already an election with “change” as the theme?


How about having a house controlled by free market Americans…
A senate that is no longer a super majority…Health care come to mind?
How bout extending the Bush tax cuts…you can now
How about stopping this runaway President from shoving his anti-business agenda down our throats.

just for starters…



Have you been living under a rock??

Who had the super majority, with president added on, for 6 years?
Who increased the debt by more than $4 trillion?
Who presided over the whole-sale off-shoring of hundreds of thousands of jobs?
WHO, in 08-09, when we were about to go into a massive depression, on their way of out office, shot cannons at the sinking ship of America and did nothing to help repair the damage they inflicted, yet did everything in their power to make the new administration look at fault? The party of NO.

The only jobs they added were in government. How LARGE did the government grow in their 6 years?

The super-majority pillaged our nation for 6 years (2000-2006)!

As for your free market people, the same ones that handed everything to wall street and big business? Oh yeah, lets do that again.

Bush Tax cuts… REALLY? Only the wealthy made out on that. Oh, and just so you understand, wealthy is having millions in dividend payments every year that go untaxed under the bush tax cuts. Get a clue.

Anti-business?? How about making corporations pay tax, look up Google saving billions, and NOT getting tax breaks for shipping jobs overseas. Does BIG OIL really need billions in government subsidies??? Get real.

Reality check. Their are no good choices. The rich and super elite control the government and both parties. They make the average idiot believe whatever they say. Just watch FOX news…

To quote the man from Katrina…

“Your stuck on stupid”

I love wealthy people. I want them to make more…

The top 5% earners pay more taxes than all off us common people.

I need to go

Have fun watching the view today to get your talking points.