Goat Cheese

I bought a pound of Goat Cheese at the local farmers market. Now Im gonna try making a pizza with it. Any of you ever try Goat Cheese Pizza?

im not a fan of goat cheese…it goes well with caramelized onions and easy tomato sauce.

Thin it out with some EVOO (spreadability) & blend in some chives

all the time, brush crust with garlic butter or oil some goat cheese and pencil thin asparagus maybe a squeeze of lemon when it comes out of the oven, or cherry tomatoes goat cheese and basil

Goat Cheese can also be use on pies out of the oven. It just gets a little melty and adds a freshness characted. I like it with a cured pork product like prosciutto or thin ham or the like. The asparagus works great … I have thin-sliced/shaved the thicker ends I broke off stalks that would normally get tossed and used that on some garlic oil, a little cheese, THIN sliced potato and the goat cheese - then out of the oven added smoked salmon either wafer thin or chiffonade. Kinda high falootin’. Not a regular menu thing, but an appetizer at an event dinner.

One of our best selling gourmet pizzas is Roast Pumpkin and Goats Cheese
Red sauce based with mozz, pine nuts, Baby English Spinach, thinly sliced roasted pumpkin, marinated goats cheese and cracked pepper with fine mozz topping. Great taste, sells well and biggest seller for vegetarians.
Marinate the goats cheese in grape seed oil with whole pepper corns, sliced garlic and fresh tarragon an a bay leaf.

not a pizza but this is one of our best selling appetizer
Its a marinara and goat cheese type dip with Italian bread