Hows things shaping up over there?

Not sure what’s going on - our POS shot craps on us Thursday early evening and guess what - we got slammed. My manager was so frustrated that she quit on the spot leaving me holding the bag. I guess she didn’t remember how to take orders using a pen and paper. Anyway, ended up with a $1000.00 Thursday, Friday we got slammed all day and night - good Friday, Saturday not a very good lunch but when the sun went down the door started flying open and the phone kept ringing.

We were told tonight that our pizza is way better than Pizza Hut. . . .

Have to laugh - sorry.

But it just sounds so much like what happens to us. The better prepared we are sales don’t hit the high. Staff don’t turn up, things breakdown etc and sales go through the roof.

Great to see good sales coming on.

Keep pouring the positive results.


Did Your Direct Mail hit the mailboxes yet?