Haven’t heard from you in awhile. How are things going? Probably been working your tail off since the manager left, hopefully saving money from that though.

Had you on my brain so thought I would see how you are doing!

Been on my mind since last post as well . . . aty lest when the electrician and plumber have not been there first.

Thanks for asking - just had a chance to log on tonight. Yes we have been working a lot more hours, there’s a lot going on - previous owner has called our landlord about our building - seems he found out she is wanting to sell it - we are trying to find out what he’s up to. We are still trying to survive, still trying to get a loan, etc, etc, etc,.

Didn’t want to bog down PMQ with our troubles. Glad to know you all care! Laura

P.S. I’ve been working on our website - of course it’s not done, but take a look anyway www.gobpilepizza.com