Gobpile, please update us on your situation. Hoping your still hanging tough.

We got a real good deal on Post-Its flyers from Liz Cambridge at Noteads Advertising and have been using them to door hang, car tag, etc. They are really professional looking for the price and boy are they so much easier to use.

So far our sales have gone up a little in the past 2 weeks and we have had a lot of new customers coming in, campers and tourists. However, even with an increase in sales, it’s looking like too little too late. We are still struggling and it’s not looking good. Just when we think that maybe we can make it, something comes up to shoot us down. This time of year is actually good for our restaurant and sales will go up during the summer months, but the bill collectors won’t wait.

I’ve been avoiding commenting on PMQ because it seems I’ve always got depressing news and I’m sure everyone is tired of it by now. If we could have two $8000.00 weeks, we would be able to breath a little bit. So far, we’ve gone from $3900.00 net to almost $6000.00 net.

The sales are there, our product and service is getting so many compliments, we just need more time and time is not waiting on us.

Hey Gobpile, hang in there - things have a way of working out. :slight_smile: