Going going gone?

Well we may have a deal on our second location…as many of you know we had it on the market for a few months and then didn’t relist because it was a hassle and headache…well wouldn’t you know after we took it off the market our agent called and asked if we would be interested in doing a one party listing for someone interested…we said what the heck…they came and looked, made an offer, we accepted and are now just waiting on a few loose ends. I know nothing is for sure until we get a check but mannnnnn, I am excited!

I will keep you posted!


Good luck Kris!..I am sure Think Tankers will be pulling for you…

Congrats Kris! Hope it all works out for you. All the best

Hey Kris… Congratulations on the sale… any advice you can give me on how you went about it would be great. We’ve been thinking about it and contacted a broker who pretty much said this wasn’t the time to sell and I should hold onto it or try to sell it locally. We have been in business for 4 years and its time for us to get out. We have 4 children and need to take a step back at this point. What’s the best way to start this process?

Well wouldn’t you know it…the deal is dead. ARGHHH… What a few couple of days we have had. Anyway we have decided to dust off and go full throttle for a season (or two or three) and hopefully get things squared away. I sure do need some time off but in the long run this is financially what is better for us, but man I am emotionally exhausted.

As for you duke, make sure to get a commercial sales broker (I would go local). We were only selling the real estate not the business. Make sure to have a good agent who is willing to weed out the worthless lookers, who regularly updates you and realizes deadlines are deadlines.


Darn…Sorry to hear your news Kris…Hopefully the tide will turn and you will end up with a better deal later on…