Going Live with New Think Tank

Hey this thing actually works. Would someone respond to me so I know this is working? Thanks

Everything appears to be working.


Thanks Scott. :lol:

This was a BAD change. I like the old board MUCH better.

you’ll get used to it and learn to love it. I used to love threaded boards also but now I am hooked on the new style.

Sorry, but I won’t get used to it, and I won’t learn to love it. I won’t be reading it any more…

Sheryl Crow sang all about it.

That would be your loss Russ. Hopefully you don’t deal with change in your business the same way.

Re: Sheryl Crow sang all about it.

Perhaps I’m more technically inclined, but I think this is just as easy to access messages.

Love the new format! So many more tools than the old version and this is more along the lines of the format that most sites use.

How about making use of this new setup and having different forums? That way there could be a “Black Book” forum, and “Dough Problem” forum, a “New Business Questions” forum and so on… would make navigation and finding topics of interest much easier!

Also, use the “post reply” button at the very bottom of the page instead of the one in the last message - otherwise you quote the previous message which quotes the one before and so on…

Re: Sheryl Crow sang all about it.

In MY business I don’t change things if they aren’t broken.

whatever dude

Hey, Russ Cox, I thought you weren’t going to be reading anymore!?! …

Re: whatever dude

I have been reading EVERY post for the past 4 years…old habits are hard to break…

Re: whatever dude

Sorry, I forgot I have to log in now if you want to see my name. Otherwise I’m just “Guest”. Anyhow, I have been reading and posting on the think tank for 4 years, and you??? Like I said in the previous post, “old habits are hard to break”.

Re: whatever dude

Russ, don’t worry about it. We’re glad to have you here. I really can’t believe the intent of the comment above was anything more than humor, though it may not have come off that way.

I don’t know about you, but the old TT was SLOW to load. This one loads a lot faster for me. See, there’s always a bright side :).

Re: whatever dude

It was humor. Good call snowman. Also, it was meant to say: “You’re whining and saying you’ll quit reading, yet you’re still reading. Either adjust or don’t. But quit your bitching.”

Re: Sheryl Crow sang all about it.

Hey Russ I think the old tank was broken and now it has been fixed so we are all glad you are still here!

Re: whatever dude

I’m sorry you feel I am whining and “bitching”, however, it must have worked…I’m reading this on a thread, kinda like it used to be.

By the way WHO ARE YOU? You aren’t even a member.