Going live with new website soon - comments please

Here is a link to our new website: http://netstorepro.com/pizza/ (not the permanent URL)

It is not “live” yet but I am looking for comments and suggestions.

We already do about 20% of our sales online with more like 30% from our local customers. I am hoping this website will make it easier for customers to find that system as well as replace some of the other print media advertising we have been doing.

I think the site it great. The only one thing I would consider is possibly making the fonts of the text either darker or choose a slightly thicker font. I feel that the light grey off of the white background is harder to read than a darker font would be. Take a look at the comparison attached. Not saying to use a Times New Roman but the attached shows a Times New Roman in just black.

Josh Davis
Vice President of Sales
Mail Shark
Direct: 484-948-1611
E: josh@TheMailShark.com

I actually like the way you used the gray type, but it does fade a bit into the background. I would suggest either a shade darker, or replacing the font site-wide with one that’s not quite so fine (some fonts are bolder than others).

The prominent online order links and phone # are great, and the Facebook widget is a good move too.

But right now, the Best of the Boat logo has the best real estate on the page. I don’t know the significance, so maybe that’s what you intended—but you might consider moving the Best of the Boat logo into the left body copy (beneath the image rotator) or up into the header (where the current Order Now button is). That would give the ORDER ONLINE link prime billing and drive more Facebook likes by moving the widget above the fold.

Looking good!