Going to Atlantic City?

Can’t we all get along? - Who’s goin to Atlantic City?

whats gone on in A.C.?

im here are you?

Just got back tonight. I was not real impressed, were you?

ummm YES!
I WON THE 5000.00

yea,I know what you mean,being the first one I ever went to I wasn’t really that impressed either. It seemed to concentrate more on POS systems and marketing and not as much as food as I would have liked.

Honestly not impressed at all. Considering I already have a great POS system, there was very little for me to see. I was disappointed that I booked the hotel for two nights because I ended up leaving early. I did however attend Kamron Karrington’s black book program which was very informative and worth the money.

I feel that the pizza industry is becoming like politics. This side has their “favorite” people/suppliers. They give seminars and promote just those companies. It’s almost like a “brotherhood” or should I say “inner circle”.

I agree with you if your not in the inner circle you won’t get far. The pizza challange was rigged. If you want to win it’s not about making a good pizza it’s about knowing people. I noticed some of the winners were real buddy , buddy with the judges.

Wow. Who exactly do I need to hook up with to win next year? If that is all there is to it, I’ll give it a go . . . .

Oh! Or is this just aspersion because you saw some friendly interaction amongst them? I’m sure it helps being familiar with the judges . . . but saying it is rigged without proof is pretty darned petty when I read it standing in my shop.

Re: Going to Atlantic City? /Pizza expo Las Vegas

I can see your point it seems like alot of times there are the same people doing the same talks about the same thing each and every year. Why is this? I think because every year those are the ones that are filled with standing room only. I think that is why they keep bringing them back, just like your pizza people keep ordering the good ol house special and you just keep giving to them why? because it is what they want.

Now here is the good news, you will find at the next Pizza show in Las Vegas they are going to have some small mom and pop owners sharing their experiances, like what works for them what doesnt promotions they do etc, in fact i have been one of the fortunate ones to be invited to do such a thing. I dont know if they look at their forums and this one and see who is on here and what they are talking about but I think that helped them decide they want me to come… just an every day average guy that has built up his business and likes to help out other pizza folks by sharing my experiances and trying to give advice that will help pthers. Hope you can make it!