Going to build a wood oven in the back yard...So....

I am wondering if I can turn the wood oven I am going to build this summer for Pizzas and Bread into a little bit of profit.

But, I have some serious limitations, so that’s why I wonder if this will end up being my own private oven, which is fine.

I am in a HIGHLY residential area. It’s an older neighborhood…but you know the scene…houses every 50 feet of each other…fenced 1/4 acre back yards.

I was thinking about MAYBE opening up my back yard for reservations on the weekends during the summer (back yard dining only, obviously) to guests who might want to dine on some GOOD “old fashioned” pies.

But, my back yard would need some serious overhauling…and I do have cooped chickens in the back (doesn’t stink…I’m VERY picky on their upkeep)…which I don’t know if people would find “charming” or “unsanitary” even though the oven or the tables wouldn’t come close to them.

Or, should I just use this as a practice vessel for something bigger in the future when I can afford it, and maybe sell bread loaves and maybe even pies at the farmer’s market?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


I really doubt your health department or local zoning would allow it.

  1. Health dept most likely would have to certify your home kitchen – depending on how urban your area is, that can be almost impossible
  2. Homeowners Association, if applicable, will probably deny it (but you have chickens, so I’m not sure an HOA is in play anyway).
  3. You work for PJs and I’d bet they’d see it as a competing enterprise and not look highly upon it.