Gonnella Bread, Chicago. IL

Not sure if this affects any of you but Gonnella won’t come out and deliver unless there is a 25.00 minimum order. This is a new policy effective at the end of the month.
I have a couple of days that I don’t meet the minimum. I haven’t called them to complain yet, but we have been with Gonnella since day 1, in 1964.

Does anyone use other bakeries in the area they are happy with? I know there is Turano, is there anyone else that I don’t know of?

Thanks for you help.


Not too sound pitty but a $25 min doesnt sound that bad. They need to cover their costs also. Are you close? Do you have $100 days and then a few low ones? Maybe they will work with you?

Great bread suppliers are hard to come by?..How much short are you?..Can you freeze some?

I also want to add that changing your bread could cost you a lot! I am a picky bread person and goto a select few deli’s and bakery’s in Chicago just for their bread. This couple of dollars could add up to hurt you more than expected. Be careful here!

The one thing we miss being in a small rural community is access to a good bread. We get by, and the customers are happy with what we use, but I know there is SO much better out there it bugs me. There simply has to be a way to stay with your current Gonnella delivery. They’re good, not the best, but in MY opinion a bit better than Turano…try to keep them!

btw…we do have a FANTASTIC family bakery, but it’s 30 miles south of me and small enough they don’t deliver out of town. I can’t make a round trip everyday but oh it’s gooood.

Spoke to Gonnella on Monday. They have a par baked product we can finish off in our ovens that sounds pretty good. We’re going to try them and move some stuff around in the week so we can keep our 48 year relationship with them alive.

Thanks for the help


Years ago, when I lived in Tinley Park, we found it easier to deal with a small, local retail bakery for all of our bread needs. I think Tinley Park still has a retail bakers as does Mokena, take a look around you or check your local phone book to see if you have one close to you that you can work with, sometimes you can swap products out for trade too, what a deal!
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor