Good books for this business?

I noticed in an earlier thread someone mentioned a book called “the Emyth”. upon further research it seems like something I need to read. Is there any literature out there you suggest to me or anyone else here looking to get smarter? It doesn’t have to be directly about pizza. Business,marketing, money management. I last read rich dad poor dad. Pretty good. Helped me a bit in my own business. After I got past the fluff. Thanks in advance.

The E-Myth Revisted is a great book. E-Myth Mastery is good too.

I like Dan Kennedy books they are generally pretty good. At the moment I’m reading Tested Advertising Methods and a Customers Born Every Minute (It’s based on PT Barnum).

Mal Emery had a good little book specifically about pizza which was decent and gun to the head marketing was a good read too.

On of my favourite books I’ve read is outliers not really business based, good to great and it starts with the why would be another two.

Scientific Advertising is a must read also.

Here’s a free PDF of Claude Hopkins “Scientific Advertising” … tising.pdf

An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith


Two great reads. Still trying to finish Confessions.

I enjoyed this one… … 0060742763