Good but not great pizza

Hello, I’ve been in the Pizza business for about 2 years now. We started off making below average tasting pizzas but improved many folds and we sell a decent amount of pizzas. Customers feedback is usually the pizza is good but not great. I’ve come to the point where I need help and maybe because I don’t understand what needs to be done.

Situation: Trying to make a NY style pizza in a conveyor oven (MM PS360). We want the pizzas to come out crispy so we often times push the pizza back but it also burns the cheese. We are using bacio shredded cheese. When we push the pizza back it also kind of dries our the crust also. I know it’s possible to cook this type of pizza in a conveyor because other pizzerias are doing it. Please don’t judge, just need help making it in this business. Everything else I follow Tom’s instructions on how to mix and proof dough balls.

Here’s my recipe:
Flour 100%
Salt 1.25%
Sugar 1.5%
Oil - 1Liter
IDY 1.3%
Water 6.5 Liters

14in 13oz
16in 18.00 oz
18 - 21.5oz

Tom’s NY pizza recipe looks like this I believe. I converted numbers for 25lb All Trumps flour ( 50115)
100 flour
7oz salt
8oz sugar
4oz olive oil
.80 oz IDY? doesn’t that seem low
250 oz water?

What is/are your questions?

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1.Are my calculations for Tom’s ny pizza dough correct? Idy yeast seems really low
2. What should I tweak in that recipe to use it in a conveyor oven?

The beauty of impingement ovens is the ability to control airflow. By your description, I’d recommend less air from the top fingers, and if your bottom fingers are not full open, make them so. Also, 360’s are dinosaurs, I’d consider updating to some newer ovens as soon as you can afford to. We use Edge ovens in my shop but nearly any of the newer ovens would be a step up.

all your numbers look way off to me
with that much yeast my dough would blow up in 1 day.
1 liter of oil to 6.5 liters of water is pretty high. I would think more like a 1/4 liter.

Tom Lehman’s formula is
100% flour 28pds
60% water 16pds
2% oil 250g
2% salt 250g
2% sugar 250g
375% yeast 50g
you must weight everything not volume
water and flour temps are important, based on room temp.

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  1. What is your ovens finger set up?
  2. What temperature is your oven set at?
  3. How long of a cook time is you oven set for?
  4. Do you use screens, discs, pans?
  5. Do you find that you’re pizzas come out soupy in some spots?
  6. Can you attach a picture of what your pizza looks like straight out of the oven without pushing it through again?
  7. How much sauce do you put on each size pizza?
  8. How much cheese do you put on each pizza?
  9. Take a pizza out of the oven cut out a slice, then flip the slice upside down and rip it in half. Does it rip nicely or do you get like a webbing while ripping it?

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