Good company for mailing lists

Does anyone have a great company for buying mailing list. I’m looking for all businesses within 3 miles of my place.

Also, any suggestions from experiences in this area would be appreciated

Join your local chamber of commerce and get the list from them including the labels.

melissa data has great updated lists

Good for Americans, not us Canadians, sigh…

Naida I have found it is best to compile your own lists…although it consumes time, the results are better…Also, I am sure the chamber in your area is huge…Also, it looks like they have a directory on their site…

For paid lists, there is an outfit on West Pender in downtown Vancouver right across from the Mariott Pinnacle Hotel…The name escapes me right now, but it might come to me…

Hey Royce, I checked out infocanada and its 500 bucks for 5000 names, seems a little steep to me.
The BBB I will check out their prices. I am not yet a member, but maybe they sell them to non members, or becoming a member you get it free? That might be the route to go. I’ll check it out.
Can I ask though, how does one create the list themselves? Being as our phone book can double as a boat anchor I dont know if that would be the best use of my time???

Thanx Royce, as always great advice!

As a person that has spent 100s of hours harvesting free names, 10 cents per name is a deal…Now I have more time than money and my wife “loves” the chores I give her so I mostly harvest unless time is of the essence…Also, bad addresses from harvesting can cost a lot of money…Paid lists should be better and they have a refund if some are bad…

ahh, ok. Thanx Royce

Mail Source -
Call 806-379-9575 and ask for Bobby. He will treat you fairly.