Good electric conveyors??? Help!

Need good electric conveyors. Was going to go with Doyon Jet Air Deck oven but afraid of what would happen if it crashed…I’d be out of business with only one oven. Looking at having 2 conveyors now. Gas is not an option. Need electric, 1 phase power, and a good bake.

I have good luck at my second location with Lincolns (Impinger II) but they are 3 phase. I have a triple stack. It might be worth the price of the electical upgrade to go to 3 phase. Ask an electrician what is involved at your location. It will greatly increase your options.

Electric Company is preparing an estimate for getting 3 phase to my building. It will involve replacing two power poles, etc… No word on price yet, but my intuition tells me that it will too cost prohibitive to get 3 phase power. Gas is not available unless I do propane which will involve a large tank in the middle of my parking lot. So, looks like I am stuck with 1 phase electric.

You can purchase a converter, which changes single phase to 3 phase. It is a very large motor and sits up in the ceiling with unistrut-weighs about 100#. You will need to have an electrician to wire it up. It is only dedicated to one plug. I have had one for my mixer for several years and have had no problem. It is the best solution for only needing 1 item for 3 phase.
Did you ask the electric co. to not charge you for the 3 phase upgrade? Your oven should use enough power to enable them to achieve their ROI for the install.
Just some thoughts from my experience,

in a previous thread I thought those ovens could be field changed 2 single phase…

I use and am fond of the CTX elec ovens now repped by MM - but they are beasts, but superior bake

Phase converters are really inefficient, for instance it will take about 100 kilowatts single phase to produce 50 killowatts of three phase. So if your paying 10 cents a kilowatt, now your paying 20 cents a kilowatt to run your oven.

I use a triple stack Lincoln Impinger 1301 electric, they are single wide conveyors, and they cook about 12 ~ 16" pizza/hr. per oven. They draw 29 amps at 208v or about 6000 watts or 6 kilowatts per hour per oven, I pay 6.5 cents a kilowatt in Northern Idaho so it cost me 39 cents an hour to run my a single oven.

I used to have a double stack of Lincoln 1000, they are double wides and can cook about 30 ~ 16" pizza/hr. per oven. They drew 80 amps at 208v which was 16640 watts or 16.64 Kilowatts per hour, my cost $1.00 per hour per oven.

The way things are going electricity will probably be the cheapest option for some time to come. The cost of Natural gas, and Propane Gas has gone up substantially over the years, so that most of my friends who own pizza stores, are considering the move to electric.

Whatever you do make sure you get the utility to foot the bill, or at least finance the expense of the upgrade, explain to them your intended use, a double stack of Lincoln 1000’s can burn up about 5000 kilowatts a month, not to mention the rest of your equipment, heat lamps, mixer, refrigeration, lighting, etc.

Lastly make sure that the feed to the building is as close to your ovens as possible. I recently remodeled a space in a mall, and opened a restaurant, I had to run six strands of Number 2 copper wire 180 feet from the back panel to my business the cost of the wire alone was $4000. the whole electrical job cost me $14,000.

Good Luck!

You cannot run a pizza oven on a single to 3 phase converter, as it has elements, you can only run motors on a phase converter, I am in the same position now myself
I bought a new gas oven, just before delivery, I checked my gas meter, only to find that the supply was not hooked up to the main gas supply.

So as I had just sold the CTX which had a 3 phase on the plate, I bought a XLT 3phase oven, only to discover I had a supply which is called 2 phase split.
Now for the CTX to be able to work, it must have been able to run from this supply, as I used the oven, I know that it did run. So now I am trying to convert the XLT to run off the same supply. We have managed to get it running, but the contractor over heated and welded itself closed. Now we have to find what caused this and up rate the parts that failed.

IF you would indicate how many pizzas you hope to bake during your busiest hour of your busiest evening. Then a recomendation can be made as to what oven could possably fill your needa.

Please also indicate your most popular pizza size also.

George Mills

Now what you can do with a 3 phase machines is to change your element set up
Our element we in series, two banks of 3,so we ran a heavy neutral to one side and and 240 to the other side in pairs. We had to put in an extra two (SSR) solid state relays making six, two to each pair of elements, then we uprated the contacts, The rest of the control side works on 220 volt
There you have it
I am no way connected with XLT
But they have been such great help,
I used to manufacture carpet cleaning machine, I made them bomb proof,
But I didn’t see my customers for 5 years, no service on them, unless they damage something. Looking inside the XLT as I have done for the past 4 weeks, trying to change this machine over from 3 phase to 1 phase, I soon realized what did what in the control box, they have made their machine bomb proof pretty much.

Now just as a disclaimer. I am not a qualified electrical engineer or a electrician, what I did with my oven, you should have expert advice before doing it yours. talk to XLT as well, as it void you warranty.