good idea, bad Idea?

ok need some feed back I am going to do just like Paul is doing except for the free pepperoni roll, I am doing a gift card for 5.00. When I signed up for cc processing they gave me 250 free ones. my plan is to load with 5.00 in hopes that people will add more for gift for others and from research its proven people will hold on to these as a coupon is not as important.
pit falls, Ideas?
also all our big biz customers are getting 10.00 gift cards…mostly in hopes to get there holiday biz. and no I rarley have to discount to them

ok next thought, what if I dropped the amount down to 3.00 does that lose the effectiveness
the other idea I had was doing random amounts where they gift a secret gift card and have to come to the store to find out how much is on it…gets them in the door and kind of fun…THOUGHTS?

I think it is an expensive idea and which will not have much redemption. The 3.00 amount is an absolute NOOOOO! I wonder for 1.50 (which would be your food cost) what other options there are which would be way more effective!

Years back I worked at a steak house that 1 year sold logoed steak knives and a 5.00 gift certificate for 5.00…The knife and box cost them 2.00…Looked on the surface to be a money loser…But in Jan and Feb these 5.00 gift certificates were used and the average ticket was over 40.00 per certificate redeemed…And many of the users were folks that were not regular customers…So this promotion worked very well…

I’m confused on cost isn’t that the same as giving a free bread sticks like Paul? (the 3.00)
my gift cards were free for signing up and it will only cost if they are used.

How about, pay $10.00 for a gift card that has a value of $15.00

$15.00 = $20.00
$20.00 = $25.00


Hey Rockstar,
The 5$ extra value on 25$ gift cards and up worked for us. For one thing, only a fraction of gift certificates are ever redeemed, but the up-front perception works well when people are looking for deals. Also, we are starting early this year to try to beat out all the retail stores that are ALREADY putting out Christmas stuff! You may even try to tie in a free slice when they arrive to pick them up, they will buy a soda and that deal will be a wash. Kinda like " Come in and visit your favorite pizza place for a free lunch and do some early Christmas shopping"! I’m sure you can make better verbage, I’m really tired after a huge run. Take care buddy, post what you come up with, so I can copy it, lol :wink:


I’m sending out $10 gift certificates to our best customers – about 2k I think.

well I think I am going with the l@ttery. verbiage will read something like bring this card back to reveal your amount…
bring in on Black Friday and get an extra 5 on top of 20, along with free coffee and doughnuts (doing a trade with dunkin doughnuts)

Sounds like a good idea.
I would be a little afraid to add to my Black Friday business. Its crazy here on that day but I like your idea.
Good luck with the plan.