Good Idea From An Employee, Thought I Would Share

Had an employee ask me recently if I would be interested in doing a City Employee Discount program since we’re just a couple blocks from the city offices and HR department. I thought it sounded like a good idea, called the HR director who said she’d be happy to put fliers in employee mailboxes. I had something printed up that offered a discounted lunch buffet and a percentage off of regular orders (plus a list of daily specials).

I figure buffet sales are gravy and people rarely come by themselves and a percent off offer is rarely better than getting our daily specials. Had two guys stop in today who heard about it, so their two buffets paid for the cost of what they ate and the printing costs right there.

Bonus to this was when we dropped off the fliers, the woman said she was going to attach them to paychecks this Friday instead of putting them in mailboxes. Can’t beat having someone with a “special” offer on your food in one hand and a fresh, unspent paycheck in to other!

I’ll let you know how it turns out, but I thought I’d share now in case it helps someone else out.

Great idea. If successful, you should consider rewarding that employee. Good luck.

I have monstermagnets printed with a mini menu on top and 4 coupons on the bottom and give them to a company right up the road that has 500 employees. They put them in with the paychecks. Anytime I do this it is always a big boost in business. Always worth the cost.