Good marketing or bad???

Got a call from a friend that’s in the business. A shop in his area has a new owner and they are offering the following to businesses-

25% off any order and 50% off orders on Friday from 11-4

Is this good marketing or the true sign that this person will soon be out of business?

What say you?

It’s not bad marketing, just a desire to bolster lunch sales. Most restaurants offer “lunch specials”. They’re just doing the same. I’m surprised that they chose Friday for the half off deal.

Noone likes to work for free and offering 50% off on what is my busiest lunch of the week is exactly what they are doing. They probably would be working for free and losing money.

Is it good marketing…will it increase sales? Probably until he goes under cuz you can’t survive on 50%.

Ohh yeah and lets talk about the return customer satisfaction when he comes to his senses and stops and everyone is ticked off cuz last week the bill was 4 and now it is 8. Or the bill was 20 and now is 40.

I truly wonder what people are thinking sometimes.

Offering a discount is not bad marketing. How you go about offering the discount is what matters. I’d rather steer clear of the % thing.

Small 1-topping Pizza 7.98
20 oz. bottle drink 1.49

Regular price total 9.47

25% off total 7.10
50% off total 4.73
Our Lunch Special total 6.99

I think % off sales should be left to clothing stores. Offering a big discount on what should be your busiest lunch day makes no sense at all. Offer those discounts on your slower days.

I’m sure we’ll all agree that the purpose of marketing is to grab a potential customers attention. I know when I develop marketing pieces I use key words like “HALF PRICE” or “FREE” to really draw them in. I believe you when you say your friend saw something about 50% off, but was there a disclaimer with it? Here’s an example of an advertisement from my shop:

This is a two sided piece. Notice the front displaying a “HALF PRICE PIZZA” offer? When you flip it over however, you see you must make a purchase at regular price in order to qualify for the half price deal.


We’re an outside shop on a shopping mall and we offer 10% discount to the staff in the centre on any order. 25% to the store owners (we get reciprocal discounts in return form most of them) though some may give only 10% due to the type of products they sell.

Our centre has a chinese restaurant, an ala carte type restaurant, a fish and chips shop, a Subway and now an Asian Noodle Wok store.

The 10% deal gives them a reason to come to us for their food which is extra business for us that we could be missing out on. Plus we get to purchase things we want at a discount.


Its better to make a couple of pennies from someone then not make a single penny at all. Every penny adds to your bottom line. I’d personally try to get them to buy at full price before making the jump to taking 50% off.

Curious J_r0kk…

am contemplating a pricing structure you have featured on your flyer - a “pay-one-price” for XXX toppings - May I assume that is a popular choice for your customers?

am thinking this might be a “point-of-difference” for the new place we’re working on…

tho I’m leaning toward a LC thing, I’m inclined 2 grow w/quality…

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Are you referring to the “Create Your Own Masterpiece” coupon? If so, that coupon has been a staple in my store since I opened. I actually started it at $12.99 but had limited response. So, adjusting to the market here, I lowered it to $10.99 and got the results I was looking for. It’s actually my second best coupon behind “Buy One Get One Half Price”.