good music to play in restaurant???????

i have an pizzeria new york style and cant find any good music to play during dinnertime
i keep playing sinatra and kind of getting sick of it

if anyone has any ideas please let me know


big bands

Soundtrack from the movie Big Night. Look it up on Amazon. You can play 30 seconds of each song.

get XM radio…we play channel Hear Music the sound of starbucks…young adults & teens love it adults like it too, but there are hundreds to choose from

Find some concertina stuff, maybe accordian . . . but not polka. I am going to try getting a mix of italian opera classics like finiculi funicula, and such. We’re also looking constantly for italian folk music sort of stuff that might have been from 40’s or 50’s. No electric or big rock sounds.

We have an array of DVD’s concerts that we play on screen.
Popular ones are Rod Stewart Live at Albert Hall; Phil Collins farewell concert in Paris; Robbie Williams - What we Did Last Summer Live.

Others we screen are Best of Ray Charles, Roy Orbinson Live in Black & White, Dixie Chicks Live, Billy Joel collection, plus various others.

They all seem to go down well while customers are waiting for their order or are dining in, especially the live concert ones.

In Australia we have to be licenced to play music in retail outlets which is run by the Performing Arts Authority to protect the copyright etc for the artist. Combined radio and visual costs about $140 per year but I don’t mind paying as my son was in a band and they busted their guts (as most do) for very little long term reward.


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I like the idea of satellite radio. I have Sirius for my car and it’s great. Tons of commercial free stations for every occasion and dining atmosphere.

td,Well thank you for recognizing what was said here’sick of Frankie!! This is truly blasphamous!I have him and Dean on 24-7 and da customers love it.

yeah, get sattellite radio, you will have a huge variety of choices.

Remember you need to get licenses to play mechanical music. An artist’s catalog will be with ASCAP, BMI or SESAC. If you buy an annual license from ASCAP, for example, you’re allowed to play music from their entire catalog… but you need a separate license from BMI for their artists.

I know the recording industry sucks… but I did get a Cease and Desist letter on behalf of some ASCAP artists.

For some interesting alternatives, google these groups:

The Blue Dolls
Puppini Sisters
Trio Lescano

All three have a 30’s - 40’s sort of Andrews Sisters sound . . . with some other stuff as well. The 1st and last are Italian goups, the other has one Italian lady singer. You can find samples of their sounds online.

Interesting options . . . we’re gonna try them and see how they go over mixed in with the other stuff we trot out. Yes, we will check to find out who carries their rights for playing in the restaurants.