Good Opportunity?

Hi Guys, been lurking for a while, fairly new to forums.

How is this for an opportunity for a delco pizza outlet?

Population: 28,000 and growing. Reasonably wealthy area, no college but high school.
Competition: 1 Dominos, three old takeout grills with pizzas on the menu, that’s it.
Location: 900sq/ft shop on main road, low foot traffic, high vehicle traffic that stops regularly at traffic lights right in front of shop. Lay-by with parking and staff only parking at rear. Next to a popular Chinese restaurant/takeout.

Is there anything else I should ask for?


I have always thought something and for some reason not mentioned it as of yet. First, do you live in this town and know how it works? Every town is so different. That said…this is an exsisting business I think from your post. Why are they selling? What too ask for… tax returns, purchase histories from suppliers, talk too the staff. Now, what I was talking about…being a fairly small town why not spend a day stopping by the local shops and businesses and talk to the locals about where they go for pizza and why? See what real reputation this place has and what you are really up against. :idea: