Good place for Pizza equipment classified ads?

I have a portable (trailer mounted) pizza oven I want to sell. Do any of you have an on-line classified place that has worked for you?


The Think Tank. Where are you, do you have pictures, and how much you want for it? I’ll bet you’re going to tell me a I gotta drive to the Rockies to get the pig, aren’t you?

Thanks for the interest everyone. I did not plan this well and get pictures. I’ll get over to the storage unit and take some pictures Monday.

The oven is a Baker’s Pride, propane fired unit. No electricity required. it is mounted on a flatbed and comes with a couple of good sized propane tanks.

And yes, I am in the rockies. Colorado. It is a nice time to visit though and I’ll throw in a nice dinner and couple of cold beers.

ebay is your best bet, as you’d get more eyeballs…sad thing is tho, you’ll not be happy w/the price you get…remember, sadly, used stuff is only worth pennies on the dollar to many…

Thanks Patriot. I bought this one used, so I guess I will come out whole. I had a motivated employee that wanted to run the program… but he is the manager I fired for theft abotu two months ago. Now this oven is sitting in a storage unit doing nothing and I have other fish to fry.

It is a good hot deck oven capable of about 30-40 16" pies an hour depending on your dough recipe. For fairs and festivals that translates to 200 to 250 slices per hour.

For those who asked, here are a couple of pictures I took yesterday. I probably should clean it up etc before listing it somewhere, but it has been a busy week…