Good Quality Pizza Bags... where to find?

I’m trying to find good quality delivery bags… I guess the one’s i’ve got are “cheap”, because the insulation all fell into the flap section of the bags.

I found via google, and they seem to look good… and they also have that “keep it level” for the seats. Any thoughts on them?

I was also wondering about the heated bags that you plug into the cig. lighter?

Thanks all for the help!

We get all of our bags from Bag Solutions ( - and have for a couple of years. Good stuff, good service.

I am using them and they are the best bags I have used in the 18 years i have been doing deliveries

Tripple-ditto. We use those bags too.
I wish the plastic pocket closed to hold tickets even while flapped open if you know what I mean…
But the insulation is better than other bags - our pizza comes out steaming in front of the customer.
We also have a heated bag, but have moved to only using them to hold hot in-store, or for extra-long deliveries.

Yeah, us too. Good bags, good prices, good service.

Meaning Bag Solutions. Sorry.

Those are nice when new, but they don’t hold up very well. We do 200-500 deliveries per day, and they only last 6 months before they’re falling apart.

Also, the insulation is only stitched in at the corners, not all along the seams, so over time, it leaves the sides, and particularly the rear (opposite of the flap) without insulation as it sags and bunches up.

Inexpensive, yes, but you get what you pay for.

Ingrid has better quality if you do a lot of volume.

Sounds like a sales pitch to me. Knocking the opposition product.

200 - 500 deliveries per day !!! Gee I would be happy doing 20 - 50 per day, no I mean estatic doing that much.

If you were doing 500 per day at an average of $10 per delivery then you would be doing $730K - $1.825 mil per year on deliveries alone. At that rate you could afford to relace the bags every 6 months.

Come back with a more credible pitch and I might start looking at your posts without scepticism.

It’s not. I realized what it would look like, mentioning a brand name of a different product, seconds after I posted. However, as an unregistered user, I had no ability to edit my post.

Truth is, I’m “just another bitchy driver” who has done this for awhile at the same high volume location. We’ve used Ingrid in the past, but have recently bought a few cases of “Pizza Jacket” bags.

I’m just telling it how it is: the long-term quality isn’t just isn’t there on the cheapies from delivery solutions.

We use the pizza jackets and are also high volume. doing between 150-300 deliveries a day and have the same issue. They are cheap enough to replace after 6 months, while that other company sells bags at $70 each or cheap ones that are only available in black. Black bags look like crap when covered in flour, and I’ll deliver with no bags before I spend $70 per bag.

anyone try the hot bags
the one u plug into the cigaratte lighter