Good to be back

Hi everyone haven’t posted in a while been pretty busy. 3 months ago I purchaced a double stack of Blodgett 1000’s for a great price. First big item for my soon to open store. Then this happened…
There is a place in town that never really took off. After 6 years and 3 owners it closed. I have negotiated a good price on the entire store package everything was purchased new and still looks new. It has 3 lincoln 1116 ovens they will each cook about 18 14 inch pies per hr. with bread items and wings on 10 inch screens I think the triple stack would do about 40 pizzas and 25 to 30 sides per hr. I love the old school blodgetts but I am thinking about the conveyors since I have them. I know they do make life easier in some ways. They don’t take up a ton of space which is nice. Makes it easier to add a 6 foot hood with fire supression and have fryers as well. There is also a very nice dough sheeter as part of the package I really want to make a nice thin crust option. Any thoughts on thin crust in a conveyor? Oh and I could really use a garlic Knots recipie.

If I didn’t already have rotoflex I would go conveyor, more consistent and paying a good oven guy is a big expense. We do a Chicago style cracker crust and deep dish. We use I think 2.5 Oz of deep dish dough tie in a knot and bake at 350 until just when they start to get color and then fry for 3 minutes at 350 for service. Big knot and people really love the value for 5 at 5 bucks. From what I’ve learned the thin crust on conveyor is really helped by Lloyd’s pan.

I also have a crispy Chicago cracker crust for thin pies. We use perforated American Metalcraft pans. Tried the Lloyd pans but preferred these and these are cheaper but know plenty who use Lloyd. Maybe give them both a shot and see what you think.