Good to see you all have a place to discuss pizza in your native language!

Reading the description of the international forums I noticed that the purpose was to provide a place for the international pizza community to discuss things in their various native languages. I immediately thought of our brothers and sisters down under and wave a relief washed over me that you now have a place to go and discuss pizza in your very own argot.

Don’t you want me on your one anymore :frowning:

Sure we do Dave, but we realize that it must be a strain to always have to post in English so it is a good thing you now have a place to go where you can chat with others that share your native tongue. What do you call it? Downunderese? You know, like the good people on the other foreign language forums there for Spanish, Italian and Portugese.

True blue bonzer, mate.

True blue bonzer, mate. Grab a shelia and a put a slab in the esky and off in the ute we go to the mulga.

I like the “grab a shelia” part!

And they say Canadians talk funny, eh!