Good wings?

Any suggestions on some good wing brands? Our companies wings are small and don’t have much meat on them. They also tend to be soggy. Right now we sell hot and bbq wings, and will be introducing a “garlic” wing within the next month or two. We put them through the oven. Thanks!

I highly recommend LaNova. We use them and they are great through the oven. We run our’s through more than once because I think they’re better crispier. Roma Foods sells them if you don’t find another source.

I’d be careful about soggy wings.
That’s a good indication of frozen wings thawed out.

Some people try this on the less knowing and sell it as a higher priced “fresh” product. :evil:

We just started doing wings. I am leaning towards Brakebush’s “Naked Wings.” They are pre-cooked, so I just throw them in the fryer. I would be interested if anyone has used these and found something better. Thanks.