Good Yelp News

We are the top rated pizzeria in Reno, NV, on Yelp. This has brought in a lot of business from the many people that travel here for business and recreation. It is very moving to find this out as we have only been open since Jan 6th and have done no advertising/specials of any kind and have just let Yelp unfold on its own. Walter

Walter you continue to amaize me!

Thanks Warren. We are on a mission/calling and as long as we stay out of our own way things just keep getting better. One of the coolest things here is our swamp coolers. We have 2 and 1 a/c, both on the roof. Because of the super low humidity here in Reno the swamp coolers keep the shop really cool and cost near nothing to run compared to the a/c. We were at 93 outside yesterday and 73 inside. We have yet to run the a/c. Coming from back east I had no idea of these things and wonder why our house has a central a/c instead of a swamp cooler. Walter

Hopefully I am able to seel my place while there is still summer weather, and get out for a visit, id be thrilled to help out in your shop a little

Swamps work great out west. Usually good for 20 to 25 degrees. If you get a summer rainstorm though that day will kinda suck. They are also great for increasing the effiecency of your oven hood becaouse they presurize the building forcing more hot air out of the hood.

It would be great to meet you and put a face to an internet name :slight_smile: Walter

I have found out as the humidity goes up the efficiency goes down. We are at 86 degrees outside right now with 14%humidity and the swamp coolers are keeping us at 72 on low speed. Walter

Sincere congratulations on your journey in Reno Walter! I am trilled to see your pix of more satisfied customers every week. I’ll never forget you teaching so many of us so much back in OH.

BTW I have wondered what made you select Reno? It sure looks like that choice was tailor made for you and Judy’s personality, skills and temperament?

Thanks bigmoose and it was my pleasure making pizzas with you. Reno called us. Judy and I love the west coast and Reno is a place that hasn’t got ruined yet as our beloved Sonoma County has been. We are only minutes from the CA border, Lake Donner, Lake Tahoe, and the scenery here is spectacular as is the dry not too hot not too cold climate. I did a google and saw only 1 NY pizzeria there and figured we can do that and off we came. It continues to unfold in ways we never dreamed of. You can follow it all on facebook on our smiling with hope pizza page. Take care and say hi to OH for me :slight_smile: walter

I wish I could get away with Evap (Swamp) coolers here, but being in the highest concentration of fresh water lakes in the world keeps our humidity at ridiculous high levels in summer.
I may get some cooling benefits by pumping lake water across a water/water heat exchanger, especially if I can get my source line directly over the 45 degree springs that feed the lake we are located on.