Goodbye Revention, Hello Speedline?

After 8 years of a love / hate relationship with Revention Point of Sale, I am finally saying goodbye. I will save everyone the dirty details, unless someone is looking at them in which case you can PM me.

I am currently on the edge of signing with Speedline. It seems very comparable, in some ways better, in a few ways not, and they said their software should be compatible with most of my Revention hardware. Plus they would do away with all of the extra credit card processing fees imposed by Revention, since they don’t take a cut of the credit card processing (didn’t know Revention did until recently).

Anyone currently use, have used, or plan to use Speedline have any feedback that they can share?

So I just purchased a pizzeria in December of '20. it came equipped with a Revention system that was past its sell by date. anyway the revention people could not transfer the credit card receipts from the previous owner to my bank accounts. they claim the system is too old and have to upgrade. long story short, April 28-30 is our SpeedLine install. so far we are impressed. will keep you posted. by the way speedline cost us $18k

Welcome to the club. I’ve used Speedline for 16 years now with no complaints. There are a lot of settings and customizations available so it will take some time to get it work exactly how you want. I would recommend using their online ordering system also. It’s been a life changer for us.


Switched to Speedline in July of 2020. It does everything I could ask of, the online ordering is awesome, and I love live maps. Tech support is also top notch. They are also always still working on changes. Since I have installed there have been like 3 or 4 patches already.