Google Ads putting competitors Ad over website.

I have recently found a disturbing feature of Google Ads. When I went to look at a Think Tank members website there was an ad for another pizza business covering some of the content of his web site. Has anyone else noticed this? Does anyone know how to prevent this?

I fell that Google has gone too far with this feature.

Yeah I just noticed that looking at “Pipsqueaks” website. There is a Google ad list which includes a Pizza Hut online order site.


I did a search for canuckfanlady’s store and this is what i got when i look it has pizza 73 right over the review for her place.

That’s not really Google’s fault. Whomever designed the “Pipsqueaks” site put Google Ads on the page. Google Ads is going to serve up ads that go with the content of the page. I’m not sure why the webmaster would do that.

The one for canuckfanlady’s store isn’t her website, it’s a review site. They make their money off of ads.

It’s not like Google is hijacking websites and putting ads on them!

Exactly. These sites are hoping to generate revenue with Adwords. Google is just obliging them. :lol: