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I was responding to a review on one of my Google Business locations today and this notification appeared at the top of the reply page:

Show customers you care, one response at a time
Your customers now get notified when you reply to their review


I always wondered why every review on Google seemed to be fire-and-forget… the reviewers were never told their review received a response. Thanks, Google! I wonder how many customers have been lost by businesses because they thought their bad review/complaint was ignored?

I guess at least they’ve fixed the problem now.

I kind of like that they can’t respond and continue the issue. If you handled the issue professionally and they were interested in just getting in an argument for the sake of them being pissed off already, then it’s going to turn into Yelp/Facebook reviews. At least with Facebook you can turn them off if you really want to

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My experience with Google has been the reviewer sees my response.
It might be anecdotal evidence bc I was in an argument with a customer.
She wrote a scathing review.
I responded.
She edited her review to minimize her errors and spun the events to support her narrative.
Im curious if she received a message of my response or was just rechecking every social media/review site possible she could find to write a review on.

Something I’ve gotten into the habit of doing is screenshotting their response before I respond so that I can use that to my advantage when dealing with a real Jerk that doesn’t want an amicable resolution

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