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I have been dealing with this situation for yrs and its getting old. Does anyone have a solution. I have customers who continue to click these links to look at my menu & the information they see is old and outdated. If you click these links, these sites want you to claim it and want to charge you just to update your menu. Im not tec savy and have tried mutual ways of trying to eliminate &

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I just Ignore them. The type customer I want is smart enough to know those are bullshit. :grinning:

I have had to fix this in the past. I do not remember exactly what instructions I had to follow but here is one link that might help. How to Remove ‘places.singleplatform’ or Any 3rd Party Links From The Knowledge Panel of GMB Product/Service Menu - Everyday Media Group
Essentially you want to remove the information from your google listing that could be linking to them in anyway. Remove any menu information that is on there. Eventually you should be able to link directly to your menu on your website. Sorry I cannot be of more help but it took me a long time to get this straightened out.
Also, I may have actually contacted singleplatform myself and asked them to remove my information. Cannot remember though.

Yeah thats not where these links are showing up. I already knew about that. This is not in my listing. The problem lies to where customers use what ever search engine to look for your business, and as they are scrolling they see the search that includes “menu” all the while they bypass my listing and click other search listing such as the 2 I posted above. Its just like sparrowpizza above said, but i will not hold back “ITS STUPID PEOPLE” why would you look up a business then completely scroll past it to other search links. Blows my mind & is very irritating

I get these all the time, super fun having someone wanting the 2009 prices and coupons. They are always so confident its your website that they are getting them from also. And yeah my business listing is posted front and center so it takes more work to find the bullshit menus from other sites.

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