Gorilla Gift Cards


Thanks for your questions. I’m happy to help you understand what we are all about.

“How can your making money help us make money" - There are a few different ways you can make and save money with using us as a vendor.

We don’t over charge you for our gift cards like merchants do. Most merchants will charge you 50% more because they make you feel like you don’t have an option to go anywhere else. We will work with them to get your encoding info so that everything works properly.

Advertising! Having a nice 4cp image on your plastic gift cards is a great way that the customer can see your company every time they open their wallet or purse. It also allows people to buy for a gift when they other wise wouldn’t even bother. You’re guaranteed the money straight after the card purchase.

Hotel Key Cards - Yes, we provide hotel key cards to the hotels. The way it works is that you would purchase the cards for the hotel to use. Hotels do this so that they don’t have to pay for them their self. What better way to advertise than on a card they will have at all times while they are staying there. Based on my research that I’ve done personally, pizza is the #1 ordered food for hotel occupants.

"What pizza-type POS products can use your gift cards”: We will work with all merchants and any POS system to get the encoding correct. We would send out test cards before we proceed with the entire run of your order.

"How do fundraising cards work”: This is a great way for your company and the program for who this is tailored around (schools mainly) to benefit from. You would pay for the cards and the school would receive them and resale them at whatever they want. On the card will have a discount of whatever percentage off for your food. This will allow for more traffic and people appreciate the fact that you are associated with helping the schools out! Everyone wins!!!

Let me know if you have any other questions…