Got an offer yesterday for my #2 location

I guess most of you know I have been trying to sell. I got an offer yesterday for my slice location. The offer is for the business and real estate and meets my needs. I accepted it, but we still need to do the paper work. I know the buyer and there is no issue with $$. The offer is all cash with closing in 30 days.

The interesting thing is that we may well set this up where he leases the business back to me for the season. He is mainly motivated by the real estate and does not want to run the place. This way he could make a deal with whoever buys my delco to either buy the business from him or just continue operating it on a lease.

This greatly lowers the nut for a buyer to get into my other business and may result in us keeping the real estate at that location and collecting rent.

Sounds great all around, I hope it works out great for you!