Grab-and-Go Displays... What to put in them?

At our Pizza and Sub shop, we are carry-out and delivery… no seating. Just read the little article in the new PMQ magazine about trying out a Grab-and-Go display. Just so happens I’ve got a new small deli case sitting in my garage. PERFECT for this.

But, what should we make to put in it? I’m wanting to do take-n-bake pizza but the deli case is a cooler, not a freezer. And was thinking of pre-made subs but dont want to impact the regular sub sales, but may workout anyway for people wanting a super quick bite.

What are your guys thoughts?

Thanks all!

Do you make salads? Salads would be a good item to put in there. Cold beverages.

Salads, desserts such as cheesecake or cakes. Maybe bottled drinks.

Interesting, what is the life of a cake/cheesecake in a cooler?

Yes we do custom salads to order. As the lettuce dosent last that long I’m kind of weary about pre-making standard salads and putting them in the cooler.

I have a Pepsi cooler directly behind where this display is going… other thoughts?

Thanks again all!

Due to my busy schedule, I’m a big grab-and-go lunch customer. One of my favorite local places here in Oxford, Miss. (home of PMQ) is a pizza-and-sandwich shop called Newk’s, which has a grab-and-go display that draws me in on a regular basis. All of their food is great and they bring it out quickly, but my time is very limited at lunch. If I had to order a sandwich off the menu and then wait for it, I would just run home and make my own sandwich. Thanks to the convenience of Newk’s grab-and-go offerings, I spend MORE money there than I would otherwise. I often drop in several times a week and usually spend about $12 (including drink) each time. That’s pretty close to what I’d pay if I dined in and ordered off the menu. They offer several different types of sandwiches, including turkey, ham, chicken salad and pimento cheese, served on a couple of different styles of breads (my favorite is the turkey on wheat berry), along with whole and half salads, plus side orders such as small cups of fruit, pasta salad, cole slaw, chips and a local favorite called “Tippah County Caviar” (which is basically seasoned black-eyed peas).

In case it helps, here’s a link to the Grab-and-Go section of their online menu: