Do any of you give gifts to your high school staff for graduation? When I graduated my boss gave me $100 bill in a card. Should I do the same? Or should I do something like a gift card to a restaurant near campus? I only have 2 graduating this year, so would be too expensive.

Are these good employees?..If so $100.00 each is a small price to pay to thank them…Most businesses spend far too little money and/or time showing appreciation for their employees…You say it is too expenisive but how much would it cost to train new employees if these two left?..RCS…

My Mistake! I went to say it WOULDN’T be too expensive this year because I only have 2. By Bad, Maybe I should proof read.

We give a pay raise to anyone who graduates an educational program. We also give a raise to anyone who completes a food safety certification.

We also gave a small gift to the 2 employees who graduated while working for us. Nothing big . . . maybe $25 or $30 value . . . plus a subscription to a pizza magazine or two!!

I think you should. I’m just a driver and I gave about $25 each to our 2 graduates last year.

'Just a driver" and reading this forum?

I am impressed. I wish more people had your initiative.