Grande cheddar blend

I plan on using the Grande pre blended mozzerella, provolone, and cheddar, in diced package, on all my pizzas.

Anybody out there used this or have experience with this blend on their pizzas ?


believe it or not I just sampled that and Grande was better than my Primo gusto cheese BUT not that much better an it was at 25% more!

a few joints back, we used a diced blend from Vistar similar…great thing was it came in a 15# bag - 1 bag refilled up our cheese bin…

I’m now using a 50/50 blend of Grande & Primo Gusto from GFS & am quite happy w/the flavor profile & the bake

thank you,
what kind of Grande and what is the Primo Gusto ?

I appreciate hearing what works for other people and the market.

I like the Grande mozz/provo/chedder blend, but that does not mean the market will…
In questioning my customers, it seemed most did not tell a difference in the different blends.

Primo Gusto the house brand is from Gordon Food Service…I believe its packed in Wisconsin by one of the big boyz…

Sad 2 say, many pizza lovers don’t care about the quality of products we use in our pies…they only look for the price point…

whats your take on Primo gusto?

I think it was pretty good…believe its produced by Saputo now that I think of it…Sorrento is my other favorite…

I used Primo Gusto mozz/prov in an emergency one time, was really pleased with it. It baked a lot differently than the mozz/prov blend I use now, but it still was great, and a awesome ‘cheese pull’ if you know what I mean.