Grande Cheese Blend

I’ve been using Grande WM shred for over a year and am happy. Although I’m a little hesitant to change, in the past week I have been experimenting with the 50/50 part skim/provolone blend…wow… I would like to mix some Grande romano cheese. But do not know the ratio. Any suggestion would be great…


What ever answer you get, be sure to have your clients do some “blind” taste testing…Sometimes when you change something so significant it can drastically reduce your sales…Other times it has little or no effect…

Can I volunteer for the free pizza…I mean taste test challenge? :smiley:

Just from my taste experiencs, I would keep the romano probably to no more than 10%, so 5:5:1 mozz:prov:rom blend would be the most. The provolone has a pretty strudy flavor, so I would start at 5% 5lb mozz:5lb prov:1/2lb romano. . . . or 1lb/1lb/.8oz for a smaller test batch. If using pecorino romano (sheeps milk) then definitely need a light hand or it will overpower the balance like Royster suggested to use care with.

Make a couple pies with various ratios . . . 2%, 5%, and 10%. See waht they like. You can diddle with other percentages, but the fractions can lead to odd math for larger production processing. I’ll bet the 5% is most popular. If so, then try 7% if you are obsessive like me :slight_smile:

blend your mozz/prov & top your pizza…b4 it goes into the oven, hit it with a shaker of your romano…we use a spice blend & parm that way…

ding ding ding

I would worry about inconsistent flavor profiles shaking on romano cheese . . . dry days would make more come out than humid days. Sometimes it’s my CDO (I hate when they put the letters in the wrong order) showing through.