Grande Cheese Pricing

I am getting ready to open a new delco in Metro Detroit area. I am looking to use Grande Whole Milk and Grande Part Skim in a 50/50 blend but will be shredding myself.

I am currently working with GFS and their latest quote for me is around $2.65 per pound.

My questions has three part’s:

1.) Which distributor(s) have the best prices and best relationship with Grande?
2.) What is the best way to ask for pricing from my distributors to assure that my pricing reflects decreases in prices?
3.) What would you expect I should be paying per pound for block right now?

Any additional feedback on the subject is always welcome!

The biggest debate is why use Grande, in a DelCo, in Detroit…

Being from Detroit, and not being a Grande fan, (but I’ve used it) I fail to see the need…

Yes, that is a bigger debate and for that matter a different debate.

Your vendor will usually quote you a price above block… mine uses the weekly average and it lags about a week so I can stock up if we get a spike. Checking this website is part of my morning routine… trading is usually over by the time I check. Keep track of your prices… they will get ‘off track’ with their pricing if it benefits them.

Yes. Cost-Plus is the way to go if you can get it. First, know that Grande is protective of it’s distributors. Right now, we only have one distributor in my area that is allowed to sell to me. I tried to purchase from US Foods (who carries it in many markets). When US Foods brought it in, Grande found out and told them no. Additionally, I’m the only one buying my particular Grande product in any significant quantity. That means inventory they bring in is for me only and sometimes sits for 20+ days. Since they’re not moving inventory on a daily or even weekly basis, my cost is pegged to the price at which they bought that particular load.

It’s kind of a crappy deal but I’m more or less stuck with it now. I think it’s an excellent product. However, I would not choose to use it again because of how heavy handed Grande is about distribution and pricing. FWIW, I’ve shopped around and found other cheeses of equal quality but they have quite a different flavor (saputo gold, for instance). Also, other premium cheeses tend to be only marginally less expensive.

That was long and probably didn’t help much…

Patrick Cuezze

Patrick & Pizzanow,

These are both very helpful responses and great information! Thank you!


Grande has made a couple of attempts to get us to switch to them over the 15 years I have owned my store. To be blunt, I never could justify the extra 50 cents a pound for the product. When we taste tested (blind) with employees and about 20 local business neighbors last time there was a difference and some people liked it better… but some people liked the product we use better too. Hardly the kind of result that would justify any up-charge at all let alone one that would cost me $20,000 per year!

yeah grande is known to be the “best cheese” but i cant justify the extra cost. we use a local distributors cheese Battaglia. it is almost as good and much cheaper this week i paid 2.29 and that’s their high end. not sure if they are out in Detroit but its worth a look.

When you see a block price, what is a block of cheese? Is that equivalent to a pound?

a block from the distributor is usually 5lbs, but on market reports yes that is a per pound. Hey Midnight Rider how is that Grande pricing now?


We buy “block” cheese. It comes in a case with two large loafs that each weight 20-22lbs. The main point is that is it not already shredded or diced and you have to do that yourself. Advantages are longer shelf life and lower cost.

@Rockstar - Did I just read (in another recent post) that you are using 11 Ounces on a 14"? Good lord, no wonder you hate Grande! I will take my 7.5 Ounces of Grande over 11 Ounces of…well, almost anything! Please take that as some gentle ribbing, if it works for you then by all means and I appreciate all of your comments here.

@Bodegawhy - Are the 20-22 Blocks the Saputo Gold or some other product? I had not seen any blocks that large for Mozz or Prov, although I have seen 42# blocks of cheddar.