Grande cheese, Sysco

What are you paying for Grande block cheese, and does Sysco handle it?

as far as i know, Sysco does not handle Grande anywhere.

From what I heard, there is bad blood between them. Grande refuses to sell through them. No facts though. Just rumor.

It is true…The my rep brought his regional manager to my store. They gave me the song and dance about somewere along the lines there is damaged relationship. Sysco goes through this all the time. Thats why they can’t capture the Pizza Market. They also dont have a very good relationship with stanislauss(Your prolly using stani). All Stani Products through sysco are more expensive than the local guys.

Stanislauss and Grande are two Classy companies. They gave me more holiday gifts than my family.

I want to know how much I’m paying more than others. I use Stansilaus Tomato Magic (I pay 21.05) and Saporito(I pay 23.67). Just curious. I buy from sysco

i’m paying 23.25 for saporito thru local distribution.

$23.27 for saporito