Grande cheese users ?

How do you like that cheese?

I like that cheese.

where are you getting it from and how much are you paying

we are considering changing over as well

We get it from Ben E. Keith and currently pay $3.22 for diced WM mozz.

yeah they were here yesterday and their cheese is very good… they claim to be the best?

who is Ben, local distributor ?

Has a pretty good reputation.

We have been using Grande Cheese for 4 years now. We are paying $3.00 per lb.
We buy our cheese from Metro Foods.

i made the switch, was using jacobo shred WM (i think its made by saputo). i like the flavor of the 50/50 provolone/part skim better. looks better and great coverage, nice stretch. $2.75 a pound this week in atlanta through bari. a little more chewy than jacobo but i can use less. i plan on using whatever grande offers in marketing stuff…why not right? its .25 cents more per pound than the jacobo

You should look back a couple of weeks on the forum…many people gave their testimonials and probably can learn alot…I am a v ery big supporter of grande and i take advantage of eveything they are giving

i did :wink:

whole milk grande today at $2.37 block

Currently paying $3 but that block price is sounding pretty good. Think I will order a block next week and see how it goes.

we do NY style, slices and big pies up to 28". I’ve been using Grande WM shred for over a year and am happy. Although I’m a little hesitant to change, in the past week I have been experimenting with the 50/50 part skim/provolone blend…wow…it actually has a great flavor, especially when sprinkling a little parm/romano on top. I just got in a case of Grande’s new East Coast blend - 50% WM mozz and 50% part skim. I am going to sample it over the next couple daysl

does anyone have any thoughts or experience with the various blends other than the whole milk mozz?


Does anyone know how it holds up as far as delivery goes? I’ve tried other cheeses that just don’t cut it.