Grande Cheese

fresh mozz balls in brine 2 - 3#lb tubs. 2 weeks ago I ordered, comes in expiring exactly 7 days from date last weeks order, sent back again replacement exact received thursday 15th expires 22nd 7 days WHY!!!

Not enough people ordering the product, or they are not checking the dates before shipping. My guess would be a combination of the two.

You know how if you let your manager run your store, they would overstaff to make their life easier and not care that they are wasting money.

The same thing is happening with thier buyers. They are buying more then what they need to for the purchase period then you get stuck with close to date products

I did not think that was correct I’ll be calling my supplier out on it Monday morning this is the second time I think they’re going to go bye bye

Do you have more than one supplier that offers the product in your area… You should also call Grande and let them know… The Grande Reps protect their brand like Jedi… I know the Atlanta rep is OCD and crazy about Grande quality… Multiple sources for your product helps me when I need to move items because of freshness issues…

Daisy, I know your pain, just not with Grande products.
I have gotten items with an expiration date only 18 hours out from my receiving it, the particular product in question has a 30 day shelf life. And it was from a distributor who has been peeing on my leg continuously for 5 years to get a piece of my business.
So, they finally quit bugging me when he saw his employer wasn’t up to the task.

I’m having problems all the sudden with companies trying to push old products on us. I think every damn distributer near me over purchased and is just pushing their losses off on people who aren’t paying enough attention.

I had beef come in last week (from the top distributer) that was marked shipped/delivered 12 days after the sell by date on the box. They said “oh, it’s um, still good. we froze it here at the warehouse”. Bullshit! And if you did, why?? I’m buying high end “fresh ground, never frozen” beef from you and you make the decision to freeze it without letting me know? What if I never asked? How often do they do this? How often are you freezing my beef and calling it never frozen? Can’t trust anyone, I swear.